Standard Nordic Employment

Employment solution similar to collective agreements for Nordic companies (Sweden, Finland and Norway) who wish to temporarily hire staff instead of employing.

Standard employment solution for Nordic employers

As many of you already know, perhaps by your own experience, the existing employment regulations in the Nordics are not making life easy for employers.

Companies that are expanding and keen to undertake additional resources to grow further are hesitating to employ new staff due to burdensome employer obligations which slow business growth and ultimately limit the ability of the company to undertake risks.

There are many reasons for why Nordic employers think twice before employing. We believe this is wrong and doesn´t benefit the employer, potential employees or the free market economy.

Hire your staff temporarily at first to reduce risk

To address this problem, we are now offering our employment solution for Nordic employers who rather temporarily hire their staff via us initially, rather than employing themselves. Many clients see this as an extension of the 6 month probation period and you as our Client can at any time choose to employ the individual yourself or stop using our and/or the “employees” services.